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Message from the Dean

Our faculty, while closely collaborating with local people in restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, is also enhancing economic and mental support for the enrolled students. Because of the unprecedented scale of the disaster, restoration is likely to take a long time; however, we clearly understand the roles and functions that we are expected to fulfill as a university located in the affected region and we have been making strenuous efforts to contribute to the restoration process.

This year we mark the 18th anniversary of the University’s foundation, and the Faculty of Nursing has already produced over 1,300 graduates. The role of nurses who provide everyday care and support for people with health disorders has been growing in importance; it is also nurses who are expected to function as core human resources in regional medical care. The nursing profession requires the ability to comprehensively capture various reactions and feedback displayed by patients and their families, while alleviating any anxiety, pain and suffering. Therefore, in addition to being equipped with rich sensibility, profound human understanding and strong ethical views, it is necessary to gain practical knowledge and ability to make scientifically based judgments and autonomously organize and implement nursing care. The curriculum of the faculty has been specifically developed in order to facilitate acquisition of such abilities and nurture human resources capable of providing nursing care with a truly human touch.

Since the graduate school was founded in April 2002, we have also been actively engaged in advanced education and research with the focus placed on the principal concept of “practical application and scientific verification”. We take up research topics from simple doubts or issues that arise in nursing practice, thoroughly study problems that could not be solved in the process of everyday routine work, and carry out experimental studies aimed at developing new nursing techniques. With the purpose to train Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), the graduation school has established three CNS courses: in child health nursing, chronic care nursing and cancer nursing. Furthermore, since launching a doctoral program in April 2004, we have also been engaged in cultivation of proficient human resources of a higher professional level, such as leading practitioners and nursing science researchers. The graduate school is a place where the experience of nursing practitioners fuses with the knowledge of educators and researchers; it enables students to transform practical experience obtained in clinical practice into proven scientific knowledge.

Thus, the Faculty of Nursing provides both professional higher education at the undergraduate level and advanced scientific research guidance at the graduate school. In order to more efficiently propagate new research achievements from Iwate Prefecture, the Faculty has launched the Iwate Society of Nursing Science and is also actively involved in research activities in close collaboration with practicing nursing specialists.

Toshiaki TAKEDA , Dean Faculty of Nursing Iwate Prefectural University

Toshiaki TAKEDA , Dean
Faculty of Nursing
Iwate Prefectural University

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