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Message from the Director of the Graduate School

At the Graduate School, we are engaged in education and scientific research focused on “practical application” and “scientific evidence”. Therefore, it is the issues in which practitioners take an interest and practitioners’ acute awareness of problems that provide the starting point for our research. We take up research topics from simple doubts or issues that arise in nursing practice, and by applying diverse research approaches, thoroughly study problems that could not be clarified in the process of everyday routine work, and carry out experimental studies aimed at developing new nursing techniques.

The Master’s Program aims to cultivate proficient nursing practitioners possessing both advanced knowledge and the inquisitive mind of a researcher. The common compulsory course “Nursing Research I , II” allows students to systematically acquire basic knowledge and skills required for developing scientific research. The Doctoral Program, on the other hand, is intended to foster advanced professional human resources of a higher level qualified to function as leading nursing practitioners and nursing science researchers. The students receive proper guidance that endows them with the ability to independently conduct scientific research with the purpose of contributing to the development of the nursing field.

This program functions as a medium where the experience of the nursing practitioners fuses with the knowledge of educators and researchers; it enables students to transform practical experience obtained in clinical practice into proven scientific knowledge.

Toshiaki TAKEDA ,Toshiaki TAKEDA , Director Graduate School of Nursing Iwate Prefectural UniversityDirector
Graduate School of Nursing
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